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Solid wood bed with leather backrest

Minimalism and elegance

łóżko Zendu.jpeg
Zendu bed.jpeg


The ZendU bed is distinguished by its lightness and elegance. Its frame is made entirely of solid maple wood, legs are made of oak wood, the soft headrest is trimmed with natural Italian leather.



It is possible to make the bed from other types of wood so that its colors match the selected color finish of the other furniture.



  • Material: maple wood, oak wood, natural Italian leather

  • The shorter sides of the bed are glued, the long sides are screwed to allow

  • Dimensions: width 180 cm, length 212 cm, frame height 40 cm (with a mattress - 50 cm)

  • Dimensions can be adjusted to individual expectations

  • Made in Poland



  • up to 4 weeks depending on the selected type of wood and skin color

  • Delivery within EU - 200 Euro

  • Delivery to UK and Ireland - 300 Euro



  • EURO 1100

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