Coffee table

Simplicity and charm of true wood

coffee table ZendU.001.jpeg


The ZendU coffee table enriches the ZendU furniture line with its design. It is made entirely of 4 cm thick solid maple wood and includes two smoked tempered glass tops.



It is possible to make the table from a different type of wood, so that its colors match the selected color finish of the remaining furniture, as well as replace the glass tops with wooden ones.



  • Material: maple wood, tempered glass, ebony wood, natural mother of pearl (logo)

  • Dimensions: width 120 cm, depth 44 cm, height 50 cm

  • Dimensions can be adjusted to individual expectations

  • Made by hand in Poland



  • up to 6 weeks depending on the selected type of wood and the type of tops

  • Delivery within EU - 50 Euro

  • Delivery to UK and Ireland - 90 Euro



  • please contact us